Our restaurant is located in the immediate vicinity of the charming Lednice Chateau, part of the UNESCO-listed Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape. In our restaurant we serve Czech and Moravian dishes, traditional regional specialties and dishes from European cuisine. We prepare events based on traditions and folk customs for you throughout the year. In winter, we prepare a real Moravian zabijačka, wild game specialties and Martinmas goose. Moravian carnival in February, vintage in autumn. During the year, we also prepare wild game specialties and dishes from exotic regions. Grandmother’s specialties let you reminisce about dishes that were commonly cooked fifty or more years ago, but in our slightly unconventional or modern versions.

Our restaurant team

Andrej Tlustý

Our success begins and ends with the people who work with us and help us to create the values on which our restaurants and manufacturing are built. We consider both our employees and our regular clients to be part of our extended family.

Honza Osička

Cooking is, for me, a passion; both work and fun at the same time. We work only with fresh, high-quality ingredients in a spacious, modern, fully-equipped kitchen. Sometimes you have to put in a shift, but if you do a good job you'll be pleasantly surprised by your pay slip. High guest satisfaction is then a pleasant reward for the time we spend at work.

Petr Hýbl

As I am an experienced, seasoned professional in the field of gastronomy, I can teach you a lot. I require diligence and honesty from my team; on the other hand, I stand up for employees and help them with work, and other, problems. I am able to appreciate properly evaluate good work.

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Useful information

Restaurant U Tlustých

Pekařská 88
691 44 Lednice


The best and cheapest parking option is in the central car park for visitors to the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, from where it’s less than 300 metres’ walk to our restaurant. You can also park right in front of the restaurant (parking meter).


Yes. Especially in the summer months, we recommend booking a table in advance.

If you plan to visit our restaurant, we kindly request that leave your four-legged friends at home. Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

Our menu does include vegetarian dishes; however, we focus mainly on traditional Czech cuisine, and meat plays a central role in our menu.


Enthusiasm, diligence and honesty mean more to us than years of experience.


View photos from our production, shop and restaurant. When you come to visit us, we believe that you will feel at home.

Our restaurant in "Ano, šéfe!"

Zdeněk Pohlreich’s visit helped us clarify how we want to run and develop our restaurant.

Chef returns to Lednice or, "Už dost, šéfe!"

Zdeněk Pohlreich didn’t visit us only once. His return to Lednice was captured by TV Prima in the show “Už dost, šéfe!”. The bit about our restaurant starts at 23:34.